While growing up in New England, I was always exploring the outdoors, but was unaware that I would later seek so much inspiration from it..
        During college, I was focusing mostly on outdoor sports photography, trying to capture moments that a committed athlete experiences, whether they are well-known, or are  'weekend warriors', exercising their passion whenever possible. I am very interested in showing a different side of sports- one that doesn't stem from recognition or fame, but from an internal desire to excel and play within nature. This is still a constant theme in my work, but it has led me to explore the theme of travel.
     I travel during the year for jobs in the whitewater industry, either as a photographer, a rafting guide, or a video-kayaker. I graduated from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston with a BFA in Photography, and began traveling full-time after graduation. I aim to expose the beauty that exists in less-traveled places and the people that live in them, as well as exploring our relationship with nature.
        I believe that my music runs parallel with my work, putting the images I see and moments I experience into literal words with melodies guiding them. I have been playing music since I was sixteen and was able to take classes at Berklee College of Music, focusing on Songwriting and Lyric Writing.  
       Music is a passion that I've been taking advantage of, playing open mics and featuring at local venues as well as across the U.S. Having recorded some songs with friends, I am looking to take the next step with my music and promote it as well as perform it at any chance possible.

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